What is Sweatcoin / SWC? Explains basic information and features

The popular app “Sweatcoin” adopts the mechanism of “Move to Earn (M2E).” That allows you to earn crypto assets by walking or running, and its virtual currency “Sweat (SWEAT / SWC).” Here We will explain the basic information, features, advantages, disadvantages, etc., in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners.

What is Sweatcoin / SWC?

Sweatcoin / SWC is a popular app project that uses the “Move to Earn (M2E)” mechanism. Which allows you to earn crypto assets by walking Sweatcoin refers to coins that can make within an app, project, or app. Sweat (SWEAT / SWC) refers to the virtual currency that can earn with Sweatcoin.

The number of crypto projects and services related to Move to Earn (M2E)is increasing, but it is now easy to get started for free, and there is no need to purchase NFT sneakers to use the app. It is used by many users in more than 30 countries worldwide because you can earn coins immediately by downloading and making simple settings.

Specifically, by linking with an existing step count application such as “Healthcare” after downloading the app, you can earn “SWC coin” according to the number of steps you walked and the earned coins. Can exchange for various products, and in the future, it will be possible to acquire the virtual currency “SWEAT (SWC)”.

Features of Sweatcoin / SWC

Free and easy to get started with the M2E app

One of the great features of Sweatcoin is that it is “free and easy to get started”. The current general M2E-related application is a mechanism that “you can earn virtual currency and NFT by purchasing and wearing paid NFT sneakers and walking”, but Sweatcoin downloads a free application and makes simple settings. It is a mechanism by that you can earn coins according to the number of steps you walked just by doing.

Since the step counts calculation linking with the step count calculation app initially installed on the smartphone, such as “Healthcare”, you can start using the service by allowing the link with the step count app after downloading the app. increase. You can earn one coin for every 1,000 steps when writing the article.

Functions include double reward boost, advertising reward, referral reward, etc.

SWC coin has a “Daily Double Boost” function that can be used only once a day at any time, so if you use this boost function, you can double the reward for 20 minutes. It is possible to increase. With this feature, you can expect to get into the habit of walking for 20 minutes every day.

In addition, there is also a “Daily Rewards” function that allows you to earn “0 to 1,000 coins per viewing” by viewing advertisements that consider up to 3 times a day. If you invite a friend from the “Friend Invitation Button”, you can also get a “5 SWC” reward to earn coins more efficiently by using these functions.

If you become a premium member, your reward will increase further.

SWC coin also offers a “premium member” service that can use monthly or annually, so if you subscribe to this paid service, you can double the number of coins you earn without limit.

In addition, it will provide premium members with benefits such as “you can receive special offers and auctions as soon as possible” and “you can double the donation amount”, so for those who want to use the app in earnest. It is attractive (* You can use the service and get rewards even if it is free).

Coins can use for exchanges and donations for luxury products.

Coins earned with Sweatcoin can use for exchange or donations for luxury products by tapping the “shopping back button” at the bottom of the app.

Various products can be exchanged, such as “Apple Watch, drone, TV, computer, coffee maker, various gift certificates, ” and various donation destinations.

In the future, it will be possible to acquire the virtual currency “SWEAT (SWC).”

When writing the article, the coins that can earn with Sweatcoin are “coins that can only use within the app”, but Sweatcoin also announced that it would launch the virtual currency SWEAT (SWC) in the summer of 2022. Therefore, expect that the function of the “M2E application that can earn virtual currency” will be fully developed in the future.

You can find details about the virtual currency SWEAT (SWC) on the official website of “SWEAT ECONOMY”, and you can do essential work such as “Create a Sweatcoin account, create a SWEAT Wallet, and acquire Sweatcoin” on this site. For example, you can receive the same amount of SWEAT without losing Sweatcoin in the token generation event.

If the virtual currency SWEAT is issued and listed on the crypto asset exchange, coins earned with the app can exchange for other virtual currencies at the crypto-asset exchange. The official release is getting a lot of attention.

Benefits of Sweatcoin / SWC

  • Free and easy to get started with the M2E app.
  • No need for complicated procedures such as NFT purchase.
  • You can easily earn coins just by walking.
  • Full of functions such as double boost, advertising reward, referral reward, etc.
  • Double your tips if you become a premium member and can exchange Coins for various luxury items.
  • Issuance of virtual currency SWEAT plan for the future.
  • Used by many users in more than 30 countries around the world.
  • Available for both iOS and Android.
  • Minors can use it.

Disadvantages of Sweatcoin / SWC

  • Cryptocurrency SWEAT has not been issued or listed yet
  • Since the value of the virtual currency SWEAT is unknown, it is also unknown how much you are earning
  • There is no collection element like NFT sneakers

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