Best 50 Sites About Cryptocurrency – MUST-HAVE List for Every Investor!


why is it important to find and know about TOP Sites About Cryptocurrency? because Making money on cryptocurrency requires you to find out the leading news before others, and with the proper analysis, Profit is guaranteed! Smartphone applications, crypto alarm clocks, ICO calendars, calculators, online services, Telegram channels, and other valuable tools will help you do this. We have selected a list of MUST HAVE sites for a crypto trader/investor. If you are planning to buy cryptocurrency or have already bought it, these services will come in handy. Bookmark so you don’t lose it!

List of Top Sites about cryptocurrency: courses, charts, calendars.

Coinmarkrtcap top Sites About Cryptocurrency – shows you quotes, charts, market capitalization where currencies and altcoins are traded, and issue volume. You can build your investment portfolio and watch the rise/fall of coins on a PC or smartphone application. Perhaps one of the most popular services sites about cryptocurrency among crypto investors and traders worldwide.

С – Cryptocompare shows you a list of currencies by capitalization, cost, and price changes. Like o Coinmarketcap, on this service, you can explore data on capitalization, trading volumes, and prices of various cryptocurrencies. Here you can also study information about different crypto exchanges, wallets, and mining companies. – The uniqueness of this service is that you can analyze the community’s activity on social. Next. Shows activity analytics for communities on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, data for repositories on Github, and statistics for queries in Bin. – This site shows technical analysis in one click. There are all necessary indicators for professional traders. There is a notification system and chat. It also has a well-organized system of “blogs” of traders, with the possibility of publishing your technical analysis. Such graphs are called “ideas.” Users can subscribe to the authors of such “ideas” and use the recommendations in further trading. is a website that provides the latest analytics and ranking of Defi protocols. Defi Pulse tracks the total cost of smart contracts for popular Defi apps and protocols. Defipulse most of the helpful sites about cryptocurrency.

Defi is a financial instrument in the form of services and applications created on the Ethereum blockchain. The main task of decentralized finance is to become an alternative to the banking sector and replace the traditional technologies of the current financial system with open-source protocols. The main task of decentralized finance is to open access to decentralized lending and new investment platforms to many people. And allow them to receive passive income from cryptocurrency assets and save on commission fees for transfers, loans, and deposits. – This tool allows you to track the capitalization of past ICOs in dynamics. It is a beautiful tool for analyzing past ICOs and reflects the current state of many cryptocurrency projects. It can compare USD, BTC, and ETH data with a comparative schedule for various ICOs. Cruptocompare A lot of metadata for all presented cryptocurrencies. There is a free API with unique data. – Cryptowatch is an aggregator of various crypto-currency exchanges – information of multiple sites is displayed here, including futures for some of them. Most of the instruments are presented from the Poloniex exchange. Next in descending order are Bitfinex, Kraken, Bittrex, Quoine, BitMEX, BTC-e, Bitstamp, Bithumb, GDAX, OKCoin, QuadrigaCX, BitFluer, CEX-IO, Qruptos Bitsquare, Gemini and Luno. It is convenient to view such data as price, volumes, orders, and a list of completed transactions in real-time. There is an API. is generally positioned as a tool for enterprise traders. It is unique because it provides many tools for analyzing the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain. TradeBlock Provides transaction charts, fees, block analytics, and mempool – all in one place. Plus, a handy Bitcoin mining calculator calculates profitability for five years ahead.

Coin.Dance is an excellent variety of statistics and infographics on Bitcoin in different sections. The service shows such data as a legal status in other countries; trading volumes for different countries, including on Localbitcoins; Google Trends requests for different countries; Bitcoin audience analytics (by gender, age, interests); statistics on mining pools; detailed statistics on blocks and nodes. contains much more data than just basic information about cryptocurrencies and their current market capitalization. The website also publishes specific price predictions that may be useful, even if you are already familiar with one or another cryptocurrency. All information is available in the form of a simple and minimalistic interface that you can customize for yourself. is a convenient and popular resource for tracking virtual coin rates. The functionality is not limited to just prices for cryptocurrencies: you can bookmark tokens, manage an investor’s portfolio, and analyze news from the aggregator for the most prominent online news publications. – service will help you collect all your transactions and commissions in one place. The site automatically pulls data from wallets and online accounts. Among other things, it is possible to track cryptocurrency rates in real-time.

С — to keep abreast of upcoming events for the cryptocurrencies you are interested in, you need to know about this event calendar. Here you will always know in advance about the forthcoming event or fork.

Useful websites and online services about cryptocurrencies is just a super site that shows price changes for cryptocurrencies in the form of bubbles. Very clear and informative. You can set the time (hour, day, week, month, year) and a list of favorite coins. is an index of fear and greed in the crypto market. Its famous service calculates the level of fear of Bitcoin users based on various indicators. Those. Whether users are afraid to keep the cryptocurrency or want to sell it. – The essence and meaning of cryptocurrencies. If you do not understand why there are so many different cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, visit this site. is an online service that will help you see the maximum price of the coins you are interested in, the date of the price peak, and the number of days when there was an increase. The percentage of fall from the maximum rise is also displayed in red.

Coin360 Best Sites About Cryptocurrency is an online service that allows you to look at the cryptocurrency sector slightly differently. The virtual currency list is presented in a non-standard way, in the form of a heat map, and tokens are grouped according to encryption protocols. is a great resource to check if a particular cryptocurrency is available for purchase in your country and how you Can do it through different payment systems. On the official website, you can learn about the ways to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the leading altcoins specifically for your country. – search for opportunities for cryptocurrency arbitrage. The site is helpful for users who seek to profit from cryptocurrency arbitrage transactions. Bitcoinity shows information from various cryptocurrency exchanges, including data on trading volume and current bitcoin prices – all of this is displayed in the table. – Show you information about all bitcoin transactions by submitting information in a “musical bubble,” which increases and changes the sound depending on the volume of transactions.  is the identical bitcoin blockchain where you can see the mempool workload graph and many other statistics. You can see how much and where bitcoins came from through this site. View the course and create your storage wallet. – This site is the Ethereum blockchain, similar to Bitcoin. Here you can also track all the movements of the ether and see if the tokens have arrived and distributed. – Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain monitoring site. Here you can also track all the movements of BSC tokens and see if the tokens have arrived and distributed. top Sites About Cryptocurrency – bitcoin obituary: how many times buried bitcoin was all the time. is an online service where you can watch several cryptocurrency rate charts simultaneously.

Bitinfo.charts is just a convenient service for viewing and comparing the average transaction value for each cryptocurrency. You can also find out how many transactions have already been made in the network of any coin. TOP 100 largest bitcoin wallets.

Blockfolio is an investment portfolio accounting, a great smartphone app. You need to keep track of your assets in real-time, and you will need this application. You need to download it to your phone and enter information about the purchase/sale of cryptocurrency or synchronize with the exchange via API. The application will calculate and display profit/loss and other helpful information. is designed to monitor changes in the bitcoin exchange rate in online exchangers and cryptocurrency exchanges. You can find the most profitable offers for buying, selling, exchanging, and transferring bitcoins with it. is a powerful analytical service for tracking: portfolios, cryptocurrency prices, liquidations, and exchange ratings. The monitoring of the order book is an excellent service to help you trade on the exchange. is a site for adding a chain. When connecting a wallet, it is possible to automatically add the network required to the wallet. – search by Defi wallet address, which coins are in the wallet, and which network. It will help you remember what is on the account and what operations were carried out (you can see any wallet balance) and analyze. — This site is a Defi token contract scanner on SCAM. Before selling a token from a wallet to which you are not related (not from your submission, it is in your wallet), check if it is a scam, and you can lose your wallet when trying to sell. is a helpful MEGA service. With its help, you can see the whole picture of what is happening in the Defi market, and most importantly, use the information and turn it into Profit! – Visualize, manage and organize. Add risk strategies, milestones, and important dates to an interactive calendar. It is a Necessary tool; Pair Explorer, Vesting Scheduler, Wallet Tracker, Whale Watcher, lists of new tokens, and more.

AirDrop and faucets: Sites about Cryptocurrency for Free!

AirDrop What is it? AirDrop is a free distribution of cryptocurrency, the so-called “faucets.” When the exchange or coins want to attract users with such a marketing move. You can track the free distribution of coins on the following sites: – You may need a VPN if the site does not open is another service for tracking free Bitcoin and other coins. is the third service for receiving airdrops and bounties. There are not many coins, but you can get alerts when distributed.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and mining news is one of the most authoritative websites about mining and cryptocurrencies in Runet. The editorial board of 5 authors knows what to write about because they are economists, IT specialists, and financial analysts. Each article is written by a professional in their field. They write about everything related to Fintech and the crypto industry. This is one of The best sites about cryptocurrency. is a good news site. However, the news is often unverified and contradictory. The authors are unknown. However, they take quantity. A lot of material comes out per day. – up-to-date news is published on the pages of authoritative information resources. Many insiders originate on the Coindesk platform, which other sites use as a primary source. – the site is replicated in many languages ​​ but more helpful information in the source is n English. Content changes depending on the project’s language version, and podcasts are a key feature. The internal structure includes a news section and coverage of important events related to Ethereum and Bitcoin.

ICO – Initial Coin Offering

ICOdrops. com  — analysis, ratings, calendar, and description of ICO. ICOdrops is one of the very popular sites about cryptocurrency airdrops.  – the results of the capitalization of past ICOs.  – Digrate shows you ratings and expresses reviews.

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